Yamato (#400/1000/3000/dedicated stand)

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A whetstone that is useful outdoors.

Sharpen when you want to sharpen. Compact whetstone. Yamato series

The whetstone of the country where the sun rises. Its name is "Yamato".
This whetstone is recommended for outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep their precious cutlery in top condition. This small whetstone boasts excellent grinding power and can quickly sharpen even hardened steel. It can be used for sharpening all kinds of knives, such as everyday pocket knives and outdoor knives. We also have a dedicated whetstone stand for Yamato. The material is plain and the urethane on both sides acts as a non-slip material, allowing for stable sharpening. By combining these two, you can enjoy a world of sharpening.
Yamato Series Coarse Whetstone (#400) Use when you want to remove chipped edges or adjust the shape, Medium Whetstone (#1000) when you want to restore sharpness, Finishing Whetstone (#3000) when you want to sharpen sharper, or for mirror finishing. . (Normally, #1000 is recommended for resharpening.)
Yamato is made using a manufacturing method called magnesia, which takes about 90 days to mix abrasives and cement-based binders, knead and dry (cold dry → warm dry → room temperature). Even high-hardness knives can be sharpened quickly. Another feature is that there is no need to add water to the whetstone, and it can be used immediately after pouring water on it. On the other hand, like conventional artificial whetstones, it will dissolve if left immersed in water. be careful. *We recommend purchasing a set with a dedicated stand. It's perfect for exclusive use and looks cool as a set.

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How to sharpen knives and machetes (double-edged) to restore their sharpness.
If you put the blade against your nail and it slides without getting caught, it's a sign that you have a cutting problem. Place the blade on the whetstone and make sure that the edge of the blade you want to sharpen is in perfect contact with the whetstone. Position the knife at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the whetstone and place your finger on the area you want to sharpen. Please sharpen lightly without using excessive force. After sharpening approximately the number of times (about 20 times), sharpen the back side the same number of times. Finally, remove the burr and it is complete. After finishing, remove the moisture and let it dry. For long-term storage, wipe with camellia oil or other oil. *If the blade is chipped, a different process is required.
If you want to increase the strength of the blade (for example, when chopping wood), please attach the small blade with the blade upright. That alone will significantly increase the strength of the blade.
Note: The surface of the whetstone should always be flat. As you use it, dents will appear and you will not be able to sharpen it cleanly. Don't forget to look back when you do so.


Yamato (#400/1000/3000/dedicated whetstone stand)


Whetstone: Total length 133mm, width 45mm, height 15mm
Whetstone stand: Total length 150mm x width 50mm x height 20mm


#400 approx. 240g/#1000 approx. 240g
#3000 approx. 245g, whetstone stand approx. 65g


Rough whetstone #400 (for chipped blade repair) Medium whetstone #1000 (for restoring sharpness)
Finishing whetstone #3000 (mirror finish) in a box Whetstone stand (with urethane grip) in a box


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