Ground length 180mm

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Tools for all cargo handling tasks.

All-purpose hook. The ground length is 180mm.

The most popular type of hook is Tekagi .
A hand hook is a tool that has a wooden handle (mainly oak) with a metal hook at the end to hook cargo or large fish. The claws have a forged finish and are strong and sharp, and the grip is made of natural yew oak and can be used in harsh environments. The grip end fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to apply force and reduce fatigue even when working for long periods of time.
Jicho is used in cargo handling operations such as fish markets, fishing, warehousing, and transportation. The size (〇〇〇mm) is the length of the handle and the length of the blade is the same. Please choose according to the site.

Check amenoma !

The hook has a relatively gentle angle, making it convenient for hooking cargo that does not need to be penetrated very deeply, such as warehouse cargo or grain. If you have trouble choosing a hand hook, we recommend the versatile Jichō.

Although the handle is made of durable natural wood, it may break depending on usage and age. please note that.


Hand hook length 180mm


Total length 200mm, handle length 180mm, blade length 51mm, blade thickness 6mm


Approximately 125g


Nail: S55C・Pattern: Yew oak


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