Leather grip cover series for gardening shears

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Onogi’s “Leather grip cover” series

4 colors. Leather grip cover.

Dress up your scissors.
Genuine leather grip cover for gardening shears. Make it one of your favorites by dressing it up. It is easier to grip and less slippery, increasing work efficiency. The cold steering wheel in winter turns into a warm steering wheel. It improves not only the appearance but also the functionality.
The leather cover is available in four colors (brown, red, camel, and black). The leather straps are unified in brown color. Please choose your favorite color.

Usage range: Can be attached to grips from 7 inches (180 mm), 8 inches (200 mm), 9 inches (230 mm) to one-handed pruning shears for artificial axes. *Cannot be installed on 5-6 inch scissors. Please check the cover size and the grip size of your scissors before purchasing.

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The material compatibility between iron and leather is very good, and it looks really cool. The fading and black luster caused by deterioration over time further enhances the original feel. However, if you use scissors very often, the leather strap may break, although it may not happen right away. It's just a natural material.

Installation method. (There is an image)
Before installation, please cut both ends of the leather strap diagonally. This will make it easier to pass through the cover hole. Secure the scissors with a clamp so that they do not move. The blade part is dangerous, so cover it with cloth so you can work with peace of mind.
① Cover the handle with leather and thread the string through it. Adjust the length of the string so that it is even and decide where to attach it.
② Tighten the string tightly so that the leather is firmly fixed to the grip.
③After passing through all the holes, tie the final knot to complete.
④ Pass the string through the other grip in the same way.
*Please attach it to your desired position while checking for any misalignment of the leather.


Leather grip cover for gardening shears (4 colors)


Cover: Height 80mm, width 42mm, thickness 2mm
String: Total length approximately 470mm


Approximately 10g


Genuine leather cover x 2, genuine leather strap x 2


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