Double-edged machete, blue steel, black finish, genuine leather sack included, 180mm

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A versatile knife used in the mountains.

Double-edged machete 180mm

The blacksmith took great care. It's a man's sword.
Forged from No. 2 blue steel with a black finish, the blade and handle are integrated, making it sturdy. Wrapped with para rope, it is non-slip and easy to apply force. The sword hatchet type is a versatile type that combines sharpness and durability, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as powerfully splitting hard hardwoods and performing detailed work using the cutting edge. Comes with a special genuine leather sack for stylish storage and transportation.
The 180mm type is the recommended size for those who work in the forest or hunt. *Double-edged, can be used by both right and left-handed people.
It is sewn with varnish to prevent rust. It may look like brush marks. It will be removed each time you use it. There is no problem in using it. If you are concerned about it, please wipe it off with thinner.

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This product is recommended for those who seriously want to play in the mountains and fields. With this one tool, you can split firewood, remove branches, and cook. It is also a material that rusts easily, so please wipe it dry after use. If you have very hard wood (knots, etc.) that is difficult to split, placing it on a wood chopping stand will help you split it more easily.
I am often asked how to resharpen it, but I sharpen both blades with an artificial medium-finishing whetstone (about 1000 grit) like a normal double-edged knife. Finally, please use the ``koba-tsuke'' blade to perform double-blade work. Increases the durability of the blade. Good material and good sharpening make the strongest hatchet. If the blade is badly chipped, please send it to us.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.

*We have received inquiries if there are scratches or chips on the blade after purchase, but the knife is coated with varnish to prevent rust before use, so chips or scratches may appear due to adhering dust or rubbing against the case. When used, the varnish will come off and disappear. If you are concerned about it, wipe it off with thinner to clean it.


Sword machete, blue steel, black finish, genuine leather sack included, 180mm


Blade: Total length 310mm, blade length 180mm, blade thickness 6mm, blade width 32mm
Handle length 125mm Case total length 320mm


Approximately 410 g (315 g without case)


Blade: Blue steel No. 2 steel (double-edged), black finish, para rope wrapping Case: Genuine leather case, paper box


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