Goken curved blade whetstone medium whetstone #1000

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A grindstone for gardening shears that can be used on-site.

Standard for resharpening. Medium whetstone #1000

You can sharpen immediately when you want to sharpen. A handy type whetstone that can be used immediately on site.
It fits perfectly on the uneven curved surface of gardening scissors and sharpens beautifully. The convex surface is the cutting edge of the R part of the receiving blade of pruning shears. The concave surface can be used for sharpening cutting blades (clam type). The flat part can be used to sharpen straight blades, so it can be used for all kinds of gardening shears (bud cutting shears), sickles, grafting knives, florist knives, harvest knives, etc.
The medium whetstone type is used when you want to restore sharpness. (Usually resharpening is this type.)

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how to sharpen scissors,
Sharpen the cutting blade by firmly gripping the handle and holding the whetstone in your dominant hand, aligning the concave part of the whetstone vertically with the angle of the blade. It is better to sharpen the knife while holding it firmly without opening it.
Sharpen the receiving blade if the cutting edge is chipped or worn. To sharpen, place the convex part against the receiving part in the open state, and apply it perpendicularly to the blade. If you want to sharpen completely, it is best to sharpen in pieces.
If the blade is chipped, use a rough whetstone to repair the chip and sharpen it using a medium whetstone in the order of sharpness. If you only want to restore the sharpness, please sharpen with a medium whetstone.
*Caution: Please avoid sharpening the back of the cutting blade and receiving blade as much as possible. Scissors are tools that cut by meshing two blades. If the blade opens up when sharpened, there is a risk that it will not fit together at all and become unable to cut. We recommend only removing burrs after sharpening the blade surface. If you are storing it for a long time after finishing, don't forget to wipe it with oil such as camellia oil.


Goken curved blade whetstone medium whetstone #1000


Total length 133mm, width 28mm, height 20mm


Approximately 135g


Medium whetstone #1000 (for sharpness restoration) boxed


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