Finished leather shrimp stamp (for final finishing)

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Final polishing.

For even better sharpness. finishing leather

A grindstone for removing burrs from the cutting edge.
At the end of resharpening with a whetstone, we remove burrs, but some small burrs still remain. This "finishing leather" is a smooth leather that removes fine burrs that form on the cutting edge to create a sharp cutting edge. It comes with a stand so you can work with it as if it were a grindstone, and the anti-slip feature makes it stable.
The method of use is the same for both single-edged and double-edged blades: hold the edge of the blade upright, stroke lightly, and apply both sides alternately to the leather surface. Even if the knife you are using is not sharp, you can temporarily improve its sharpness by performing this procedure. It is best to hold the curved edges of the blades upright and hit them alternately.

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I have seen knife blacksmiths deburring knives on leather or denim fabrics after resharpening. The sharpness of the knife changes dramatically depending on whether you do this or not, and the reason is that ``if you carefully remove the small burrs, the original edge of the blade will emerge.'' I thought that a little effort could make a big difference. This is an item that allows you to achieve the final sharpness of a professional. Why not get even more sharpness?


Finished leather shrimp stamp (for final finishing)


Total length 210mm, width 70mm, height 23mm


Approximately 170g


Genuine leather (with magnifying glass base), anti-slip, boxed


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