Long Ace (Blue/Red/White)

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These scissors are one size longer.

Long Ace (Blue, Red, White)

If it were a little longer it would cut in one stroke.
Have you ever had such a problem? The blade is long and thin. It can be used for DIY and office work. The blade is fully hardened to make it hard and tough, so it maintains its sharpness and is less likely to chip. The hard chrome plating makes it rust-resistant and stain-resistant. The rings for your fingers are relatively large, and the soft resin finish is gentle on your hands. You won't get tired even if you work for a long time.

Uses: For office work, handicrafts, crafts, and DIY. A product that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from hobbies to practical use.

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It cuts 2 cm longer than regular scissors. This slight difference increases work efficiency. The blade is sturdy and can be used for a long time with peace of mind. The longer the blade, the heavier it feels. If you are looking for craft scissors with a long stroke, please try "Long Ace".


Long Ace (Blue, Red, White)


Overall length 210mm, blade length 85mm, blade thickness 3mm, ring 87mm


Approx. 100g

Materials and specifications

Blade: Special steel for cutlery, high-frequency hardening of the cutting edge, hard chrome plating finish Handle: PVC finish (3 colors)


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