Multi Super Cutter Ai

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Replacement blades! Drill holes in the mulch.

A vegetable garden mulch that handles many tasks. Super cutter love.

Easy multi-hole drilling.
4 sizes of blades can be exchanged. ``Ai'' is a multi-driller with replaceable blades that allows you to work while standing. The grip is pressed from above so you can easily apply force, and you can work while standing. The blades are carefully carved one by one with two large and small serrated blades like a saw, so they are extremely sharp and easy to pierce. Furthermore, the cutting edge is impact hardened to maintain its sharpness and resist wear against soil. Simply place the blade on the mulch, push it from above and turn it to easily make a hole. The grooved rod in the middle is a mechanism that allows you to collect broken mulch.
Super Cutter Ai is for drilling holes for temperature and ventilation, and for planting seedlings and mulch cultivation . You can work while standing, allowing you to work over a wide range of areas with ease. There are four types with blade diameters of 60, 80, 100, and 120 mm, and each blade can be replaced by removing the screw. (Introduced in the replacement method image) Please consider the size according to the size of the seedling cup . (Okra, chili peppers, beans, onions)
* Click here for information on how to purchase and replace replacement blades.

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Mulching in vegetable gardens and flower beds has various effects. You can prevent unnecessary weeds from growing, prevent fertilizer from being washed away by rainwater, and adjust moisture. Deliberately drying crops increases body fluid concentration and sugar density. It is also effective to use mulch to raise the soil temperature in winter. Mulch cultivation has various benefits. We also recommend using black garbage bags for use in planters.


Multi Super Cutter Ai 60/80/100/120mm


Total length 690mm, blade diameter 60, 80, 100, 120mm (pie)
Blade thickness 1mm, width 140mm


60mm approx. 350g, 80mm approx. 370g
100mm approx. 400g, 120mm approx. 440g


Blade: Special knife steel (replaceable blades for each size)
Stepped serrated blade (impact hardened blade edge)


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