home flower scissors

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Plated vegetable garden shears.

Cute pink home flower scissors

Rust resistant with nickel plated finish. Scissors used for harvesting.
These scissors are lightweight and easy to use, and are resistant to rust and dirt. The entire body is hardened to give the blade hardness and stickiness to maintain its sharpness, and the transparent back edge finish prevents resin from getting clogged and allows for smooth opening and closing. The ring that your fingers fit into is relatively large and has a soft resin finish that is gentle on your hands. You won't get tired even when working for long hours. The black parkalizing finish makes it rust resistant when used outdoors.

Uses: Use for vegetable gardening (harvesting vegetables and fruits), bonsai, and cut flowers.
We also have a 24-gun set that is a great value for friends and groups.

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These are cute scissors with a light pink pattern. Harvesting is the most enjoyable event in gardening. You can harvest important crops without stress. It can be cut safely for a long time even if large quantities are harvested. It can be used for versatile harvesting tasks such as small stem cutting. The entire blade is plated to prevent rust and make maintenance easy, but if you are not going to use it for a long time, please dry it and apply camellia oil etc. before storing it.


home flower scissors


Total length 175mm, blade length 60mm, blade thickness 3mm, ring 80mm


Approximately 95g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery, induction hardened cutting edge, electroless nickel plating finish Handle: PVC finish


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