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These are all-purpose scissors known only to those in the know.

multipurpose. free scissors

Works great with just one knife.
These scissors can be used for a wide range of purposes, from gardening to home and field work. Wider and more durable than regular scissors, they can cut everything from thin paper to tin. It can cut even small hard stems and twigs during gardening work, making it suitable for a wide range of work. The entire body is hardened to give the blade hardness and stickiness to maintain its sharpness, and the transparent back edge finish prevents resin from getting clogged and allows for smooth opening and closing. The ring that your fingers fit into is relatively large and has a soft resin finish that is gentle on your hands. You won't get tired even when working for long hours. The black parkalizing finish makes it resistant to rust even when used outdoors. *The blade part is not included.

Uses: Use for harvesting, fruit thinning, pruning, handicrafts, and processing of plastic bottles and milk cartons. Highly recommended for cutting paracord. *The image shows gardening multi-purpose scissors.The blade plating finish, grip color and specifications are different, but the blade shape etc. are the same.
We also have a 24-gun set that is a great value for friends and groups.

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Its uses are expanding, and it is used for slaughtering at chicken factories. The blade is strong and has a smooth back finish so you can work efficiently without getting the blade clogged with oil. Since the entire blade is not coated with anti-rust coating, we do not recommend using it as kitchen scissors for home use. It can cut food very well, but I would like to consider a stainless steel type.
Paracord knitting is a recent trend. When I cut it to the size I want, the core inside moves and is difficult to cut, but when I cut it with these scissors, I can hold it firmly and cut it cleanly. I highly recommend it because it makes the work easier.


free scissors


Total length 200mm, blade length 65mm, blade thickness 3mm, ring 80mm


Approximately 115g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery, induction hardened cutting edge, black Parkerizing finish Handle: Vinyl chloride finish


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