Free Ace (universal scissors)

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Work scissors with R blade specifications.

All-purpose scissors. free ace

Enhanced version of Free Ace!
The blade is finished with an R (R) blade, which has excellent bite and cuts paper, galvanized iron (0.5 mm), aluminum cans, and steel cans even better. It's very convenient to have one of these. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including DIY, office work, and garbage separation work. Full body quenching gives the blade hardness and stickiness, ensuring a long-lasting sharpness and making the blade less likely to spill. Rust resistant with black parka rising finish. The ring that your fingers fit into is relatively large and has a soft resin finish that is gentle on your hands. You won't get tired even if you work for long hours.

Uses: For office work, handicrafts, crafts, and DIY. This is a product that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from hobbies to practical use.
We also have a 24-gun set that is a great value for friends and groups.

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The wide grip width makes it easier to apply force, making it easier to cut cloth and aluminum cans. Since the blades are tightly aligned, you may think that the opening is a little tight, but it will become easier to use if you continue to use it for many years. From small gardening tasks to garbage separation and packing. Please use "Free Ace" which cuts well.


Free Ace (universal scissors)


Total length 185mm, blade length 65mm, blade thickness 3mm, ring 87mm


Approximately 85g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery, induction hardened cutting edge, black Parkerizing finish Handle: Vinyl chloride finish


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