Nonko 90mm

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Hand hook for grain bags.

For bag handling! Nonko 90mm .

A hand hook made for loading and unloading grain bags .
It is characterized by long, curved claws. The forged finish makes it thick, durable, and sharp, and the grip fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to apply force and reduce fatigue even when working for long periods of time.
Nonko is a product created for loading and unloading bags containing grains . The size (○○mm) changes depending on the length of the handle, but the length of the blade is the same. Please choose the size according to the site. *Available for sale as a single piece or as a set of 10 pieces.

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The long, curved single claw is used for a variety of purposes. Lifting tatami mats, removing roots of garden trees, etc. It is used as a craftsman's tool.


Hand hook Nonko 90mm


Total length 120mm, handle length 90mm, blade length 65mm, blade thickness 9mm


Approximately 110g


Nail: S55C・Pattern: Pak


Kaneguchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.