Knife sleeve (small)

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Protects the blade. knife cover

Up to 160mm. Knife sleeve (small)

Cover the blade. A sleeve for cutlery.
When carrying a knife, one of the most important things to consider is protecting the blade. Leaving the blade exposed may cause the blade to chip or cause injury. Carrying an important knife wrapped in newspaper or cloth is uncool. This sleeve can solve such problems. A simple cover that allows you to insert the blade smoothly. The inside is lined with a thin non-woven fabric that gently protects the blade. The knife sleeve (small) can cover knife blades up to 160mm. It can be used regardless of whether it is single-edged or double-edged.

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You can carry your favorite knife to various occasions with just this sleeve. Please use it to protect the blades of camping cooking knives, fishing knives, etc. in storage cases (tackle boxes). It is a good idea to purchase this together when purchasing a knife (a double-edged knife with a blade length of 90 to 160 mm or a single-edged knife with a 3 mm thickness).


Knife sleeve (small)


Total length 160mm, width 33mm, thickness 5mm


Approximately 16g


Plastic (with non-woven fabric inside)


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