Deluxe whetstone #1000

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All-round whetstone.

For kitchen knives and knife blades. Deluxe whetstone #1000

This will restore the sharpness of knives and knives.
A semi-finishing whetstone made of ``fused alumina'' with high grinding power. Quickly polishes dull blades to bring them back to sharpness. For medium finishing (#1000), please use knives and scissors for finishing. Use carpentry tools (straight blades such as chisels, planes, etc.) for sharpening before finishing. *If you are more particular about knives and scissors, please use #4000 "Hayabusa".
Uses: Kitchen knives, scissors, knives, stainless steel cutlery, cooking knives, chisels, carpenter's tools, etc. Knives can be used up to 6 sun (180mm) for Deba, 9 sun for Yanagiba (270mm), and 9 sun for double-edged knives. The image shows how to sharpen.

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Please soak this whetstone with sufficient water before use. Pour water into the bucket to a depth that will easily fit them and soak for about 2 minutes. If you work while dripping water onto the whetstone in front of a tap, there is no need to soak it. The whetstone surface contains water and sharpens the knife smoothly. After use, wash the whetstone with water and dry it thoroughly in the shade before storing it. *In the case of natural whetstones, if they get wet, it may cause them to crack. Please be careful.


Deluxe whetstone #1000


Total length 210mm, width 65mm, height 32mm


Approximately 880 g


Fused alumina (#1000) for semi-finishing, boxed


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