Stainless steel perforated T-shape

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Chopsticks made by a craftsman.

You can hit it with a span. Perforated stainless steel.

The T-shape makes it easy to grip and easy to hit with a hammer. Perforations made of stainless steel.
This is a tool used to fix the head of eel and conger eel, which are slimy and difficult to handle, on a cutting board to make it easier to handle. Manufactured using the technique used to create the cutting edges of chopsticks. The blade is made of stainless steel that is resistant to rust in water and is sharpened to a sharp point, and is extremely hard with a hard-grilled finish. It is used with confidence by eel restaurants who handle dozens of eel every day.

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Live eels are very violent. Therefore, if you put it in a suspended state with ice water, etc., you can stab it easily. It is easier to handle it if you turn your back towards you and stick it in the chin area under your eyes. It is very convenient for those who have a hobby of eel and conger eel fishing to have one along with a special knife.


Stainless steel perforated T-shape


Total length 140mm, width 65mm


Approximately 60g


Stainless steel (honki finish) T-handle


Kaneguchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.