Chef kitchen 200mm mirror

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Solving the problem of cutting ingredients!
The highest quality cooking scissors in the series.

Cuts hard things beautifully. Chef kitchen mirror.

All-stainless steel, all-mirror (mirror surface) beautiful chef's kitchen scissors. Craftsmen have painstakingly finished the entire body to a mirror finish. Not only can you use it with a strong shine in the kitchen, but you can also enjoy it with your eyes. Utilizes the skill of a scissor craftsman and the idea of ​​cutting branches with pruning shears. The receiving blade holds the food and the cutting blade cuts the food. You can easily cut hard frozen meat, crab and fish bones, etc. And bird bones too. Durable with forging technology and made entirely of stainless steel to resist rust and last a long time. The back-skid finish makes it easy to cut, and the blade is easy to separate after cutting oily meat, etc., and its sharpness does not deteriorate even after long use.
Equipped with essential functions for kitchen work such as bottle opener and lid opening. Recommended for those who are worried about kitchen scissors that don't cut easily.

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This kitchen scissors series cannot be taken apart and washed. The screw is caulked and cannot be removed. Why? ? This is because if you take it apart many times, it will become difficult to cut. We made this decision based on the desire of craftsmen who want these scissors to be used as kitchen scissors that can cut for a long time. When washing, keep it open and be careful of the blade.

Popular at camping. It's cool, durable, and easy to use, and it's convenient because you can do a variety of tasks from cutting ingredients to opening the bottle opener and lid.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


kitchen scissors


Total length 200mm, blade length 70mm, width 75mm, blade thickness 5mm


Approximately 170g


Stainless steel whole body forged with polished finish, back surface finish , boxed


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