Kitchen scissors 200mm black feet

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Made by a blacksmith. Special cooking scissors.

It combines beauty and skill. Kitchen scissors black feet.

Durable and long-lasting due to blacksmith's forging technology. Kitchen scissors with an all-stainless steel mirror finish. The blade is shiny and the handle is dyed black for an elegant finish. Produced using the scissor craftsman's technique of ``underside finishing''. Cut at the point where the blade meets the blade. Therefore, the blade is light and easy to separate after cutting oily meat, and will not lose its sharpness even if used for a long time. For hard ingredients, use the ``serrated blade'' at the base of the blade to cut without slipping.
Equipped with essential functions for kitchen work such as bottle opener and lid opening. Recommended for those who are worried about kitchen scissors that don't cut easily.
*Can be used for frozen meat, crab cuts, fish bones, and other hard items.

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This kitchen scissors series cannot be taken apart and washed. The screw is caulked and cannot be removed. Why? ? This is because if you take it apart many times, it will become difficult to cut. We made this decision based on the desire of craftsmen who want these kitchen scissors to be used as long-lasting kitchen scissors. When washing, keep it open and be careful of the blade.

The blade has a mirror finish to eliminate fine irregularities, making it hygienic and highly corrosion resistant.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


kitchen scissors


Total length 200mm, blade length 70mm, width 75mm, blade thickness 5mm


Approximately 180g


Stainless steel body forged mirror finish, black handle, underside finish (with serrated blade) , boxed


Hayashi Kogyo Co., Ltd.