garden all-purpose shears

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A strong ally in your garden.

Support gardening. garden all-purpose shears

Garden care. It will work well.
The blade has a thick finish of 3.4 mm, and is made with a sturdy grip that is easy to hold and use force. Nickel plated finish prevents rust and dirt from adhering. The entire body is hardened to give the blade hardness and stickiness to maintain its sharpness, and the transparent back edge finish prevents resin from getting clogged and allows for smooth opening and closing. The blade has a gentle radius (R) that bites into it well and makes it easy to cut hard objects. The opening also fits in a woman's hand. The soft coil spring makes working for long hours less tiring.

Uses: Use for fruit thinning, bud cutting, bonsai, and cut flowers, and for cutting aluminum wire (1.5 mm).
We also have a 24-gun set that is a great value for friends and groups.

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Easy to grip, so you can work for a long time. That's the good thing about this product. I often hear from women, especially women, that spring-loaded scissors open more than the palm of your hand and are tiring to open and close, but I think this product is really comfortable because it fits. Also, the spring force is light! Even if you drop it, the red grip is easy to find.It's a great ally for gardening work. If you do not use it for a long time, please dry it and apply camellia oil etc. before storing it.
It is not only for cutting branches. Please use special scissors when cutting branches larger than 6mm.


garden all-purpose shears


Total length 200mm, blade length 60mm, blade thickness 3.4mm, handle length 120mm


Approximately 170g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery, induction hardened cutting edge, electroless nickel plating finish Coil spring Handle: Resin grip


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