gardening multi scissors

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Multi-use gardening shears.

Not just cute. multi scissors

Very useful for gardening work. These scissors can be used for multiple purposes.
The blade width has been widened to make it suitable for a variety of outside work. Nickel plated finish prevents rust and dirt from adhering. The entire body is hardened to give the blade hardness and stickiness to maintain its sharpness, and the transparent back edge finish prevents resin from getting clogged and allows for smooth opening and closing. The blade has a gentle radius (R) that bites into it well and makes it easy to cut hard objects. The ring that your fingers fit into is relatively large and has a soft resin finish that is gentle on your hands. You won't get tired even if you work for long hours.

Uses: Use for fruit thinning, bud cutting, bonsai, vinyl, netting, and net cutting. You can also cut hose ties. Recommended for cutting paracord.
We also have a 24-gun set that is a great value for friends and groups.

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You can do anything with just one knife. It's a hassle to use different scissors. I want to cut various things while working outside. It was developed based on this opinion. From harvesting and flower work to sorting twigs and gardening garbage. Can be cut in a wide range. Because the blades are made stronger, you may feel that they are heavier and more tiring than regular harvesting shears. If you do not use it for a long time, please dry it and apply camellia oil etc. before storing it.
It is not only for cutting branches. Please use special scissors when cutting branches larger than 6mm.
Paracord knitting is a recent trend. When I cut it to the size I want, the core inside moves and is difficult to cut, but when I cut it with these scissors, I can hold it firmly and cut it cleanly. I highly recommend it because it makes the work easier.


gardening multi scissors


Total length 200mm, blade length 65mm, blade thickness 3mm, ring 80mm


Approximately 115g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery, induction hardened cutting edge, electroless nickel plating finish Handle: PVC finish


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