Cutlery chisel (round knife, flat circle, round square)

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For introductory cutlery engraving.

Cutlery carving (round sword, flat round, round square)

This is a recommended product for making cutlery for the first time.
It is a lightweight product that is easy to perform detailed work. The blade is aogami No. 2 steel type and the base metal is made of extremely soft iron. Easy to sharpen and lasts forever. The pattern uses ``silk birch''. Although it is a gateway product, it is possible to make full-scale carvings.
A round sword has a deep round shape with a semicircular cross section. Convenient for detailed digging work.
Hiramaru is a flat blade with a rounded edge. Convenient for scraping the surface.
Marusukui is a round sword with a slightly curved tip like a spoon. Used for machining concave surfaces such as spoons.

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Wood crafts are popular these days. More and more people are enjoying outdoor activities. Eating delicious food with cutlery that I made myself. He says it feels great. It seems like once you make it, you'll get hooked on it, and you'll want to make it for the people around you too. I think it's good because you can use wood that you find on site or your favorite natural wood to make it to your liking.
Chopsticks, spoons, and finally kukusa (handmade mugs). The excitement only grows.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. (Please contact us)


Cutlery chisel (round knife, flat circle, round square)


Total length 170-175mm, blade width (round sword 3, flat round 9, round rake 9) mm
Blade length 25-30mm, handle length 145mm


Approximately 25-27 g


Blade: Aogami No. 2 steel Handle: Birch, with protective cover


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