Cutwork all-purpose scissors

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For cutting lath and corrugated iron metal.

You can also cut wire. Cutwork all-purpose scissors

Metal cutting scissors for lath, corrugated iron, and iron plates.
Can be cut with a straight line. Wide range of uses with wire cutting. These are all-purpose metal cutting scissors. The blade is made with the ideal R angle for metal cutting for good bite, and is induction hardened to increase the strength of the cutting edge. Comes with a coil spring for smooth opening and closing. Nickel plating makes it resistant to rust and expands the range of use.

Application: For straight cutting of lath, galvanized iron, and thin stainless steel plates. *Soft iron plate up to 0.5mm.

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Metal cutting scissors are divided into different types depending on their type, such as straight blades for straight cutting, willow blades for gentle curves, and corrugated blades for corrugated corrugated iron roofing. Unlike paper, the material is hard and inflexible. Please check the cutting contents before purchasing. Also, don't forget to wear work gloves when working. There is a risk of injuring your hands due to the sharp cut edges.


Cutwork all-purpose scissors


Total length 200mm, blade length 65mm, blade thickness 3.5mm, handle length 120mm


Approximately 170g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery (R blade) Nickel plated finish Handle: With resin grip, coil spring, and metal clasp


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