All stainless steel sea hook with round seat (180.300.390.450.600) mm

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Compatible with metal sensors. All stainless steel hand hook.

Dishwasher safe. Stainless steel sea hook with round base.

This is an all-stainless steel hand hook.
It is an "all stainless steel" specification that can be passed through metal sensors to prevent foreign objects from entering ice factories and food factories. The hook (claw) is made of forged stainless steel and is durable and sharp, and the pole is also connected with stainless steel. The grip part has a round seat with a slit, so you can apply force without worrying about it falling off even if your hands are slippery with oil during use. The bottom of the grip is open for hygiene reasons. It can be easily washed with water without worrying about water or debris accumulating inside.
Stainless steel sea hooks with round bases are used in ice factories, ice retailers, food supermarkets, etc. as foreign object inspection machines (wood, rubber, and plastic cannot be detected). They are also popular as gaffs for boat fishing (jigging). The stainless steel claws are recommended for workplaces that do not like rust or for those who want to simplify maintenance. The size (xxmm) is the length of the handle and the blade length is the same. Please choose the size according to the site.

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This is the latest gaff. It was made to meet the current situation in the factory lane, such as preventing contamination by foreign objects and being dishwasher safe. The grip end is equipped with a round base to prevent it from falling off even when working with food gloves. It is also very useful as a gaff for fishing for large fish such as bluefish on a boat. If used for long periods of time, your hands may hurt because the grip part is made of metal only. Please note that this is to comply with standards. Needs for gaffs are also changing with the times.


All stainless steel hook with round base (180.300.390.450.600) mm


Total length (handle length + 30) mm, handle length 180-600 mm, blade length 65 mm, blade thickness 8 mm


Approximately 270 to 380g


Claws: Honyaki stainless steel Handle: Stainless steel pipe (with round base)


Kaneguchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.