asparagus catch

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Scissors for asparagus.

Harvest while standing. asparagus catch

Special scissors for catching asparagus.
You can cut asparagus while standing with the fully hardened, sharp blade, then grab it with the sponge arm and bring it to your hand without damaging it. It comes with an "adjuster function" that allows you to adjust the width of the scissors to suit the thickness of the asparagus, so you don't have to waste your grip strength. The "asparagus marker" serves as a guideline for the minimum shipping standard of "25 cm or more" and reduces the hassle of tedious sorting work. Please use the "safety stopper" to prevent the blade from opening when storing. Since it is an aluminum pole, we are particular about making it lightweight.

Use: For harvesting asparagus.

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This product was created at the request of asparagus producers. I was suffering from knee pain and lower back pain because I had to work with my lower back a lot, and I was wondering if I could work comfortably. This product allows workers to work standing up, which reduces the burden on them. It can be harvested directly by cutting and catching. You can conveniently check the length with an asparagus marker. I have no choice but to use this product♪


asparagus catch


Total length 730mm, width 100mm, blade length 50mm, blade thickness 3mm


Approximately 500g


Blade: Special steel for cutlery (with blade opening/closing adjuster function)
Asparagus soft catch pattern: Aluminum pipe pattern (safety stopper) Asparagus marker 30cm


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