Nokari weed cutting

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The saw blade holds down the branch and cuts it.

Nokari Weed cutting.

Cut without slipping with a saw blade!
The serrated blade locks both soft and hard objects without escaping. You can cut a wide variety of things from weeds to small branches. The hard plating and backing finish prevents rust and tar adhesion.
The handle is made of real oak. The knob makes it easy to position your hand and apply force.

Purpose: For lawn mowing only, it has an L-neck shape that makes it easy to mow the grass on the ground. Can cut hard stems, twigs, and branches (up to about 15 mm) of weeds, bamboo, and silver grass. Easy to remove screws! You can open, adjust, and resharpen by simply removing the locking nut.

Check amenoma !

The greatness of the scissor Masamune is the wonderful combination of the blades. The blade touches only the part to be cut, and there are gaps elsewhere. The good finish on the back prevents the blade from becoming clogged with tree sap, wood resin, etc. There is a rattling noise when opened, but this is not a problem with the product. Grasp your right wrist with a slight twist outward (clockwise). The blade will be able to touch even when it is open.


Nokari weed cutter 165mm


Total length 600mm, blade length 165mm, blade thickness 5mm, handle length 330mm


Approximately 735g


Blade: SK-5 steel, screw type (9mm) with locking nut Handle: Oak handle 330mm with knob, back plow finish, hard plating finish


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