Large garlic knife set of 20

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Knife for cutting garlic roots.

Large garlic knife.

A knife for cutting garlic roots.
This knife is used to cut off the roots and peel the skin after harvesting. The R-blade allows you to cut off the root disc without damaging the fruit. The blade uses Shirogami No. 2 steel. It has a good cutting quality and is easy to sharpen, making it easy to maintain.
For the push-cut type, press down from above to cut. Large ones can usually be used for cutting garlic roots. *If you are left-handed, use the reverse and use it as a "hikiri".
It will be a set of 20 pieces. This is a limited time product that will be released from January to April.

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There are two types of garlic knives: oshikiri and hikikiri. I am often asked which one is easier to use, and the one that sells best is the ``Oshikiri type.'' Many people may find it easier to use because it can be cut by applying force from above. Choose a size (blade length) that is easy to use, with push and pull available in small, large, and jumbo sizes.

Re-sharpening: The blade is curved and difficult to sharpen with a regular flat whetstone. If you sharpen the blade perpendicular to the curved surface with a round bar sharpener, the blade will return to its original state.


Large garlic knife set of 20


Total length 170mm, blade length 53mm, blade thickness 1.8mm, handle length 120mm


Approximately 40g


Blade: Steel with Yasugi Aogami No. 2 (single-edged) Handle: Pak, with blade protection cover


Yoshioka Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.