Shizukaru 230/250mm boxed

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Mute! Silent tipped saw.

Cut the grass quietly. Shizukaru

The sound deadening effect can surprisingly reduce fatigue.
The level of fatigue after work is completely different by eliminating the metallic sound. Four sound deadening slits absorb impact noise. Significantly reduces metallic noise. Pearl white fluorine coating is applied to the surface, which easily slides off weeds on the tip saw and increases work efficiency. It has a guard that prevents chips from flying off due to a stone guard, and it cuts longer than a regular chip saw.
Uses: General mowing and bamboo grass. Recommended for work near roads or in residential areas where noise is a concern. There are two sizes: 230mm and 250mm. There are 30 pieces available that are a great deal for public institutions and farmers.

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By laser cutting four cuts into the base metal and filling them with a special resin, we have significantly reduced the metallic noise that occurs when stones hit. Silencing reduces fatigue during work that is affected by metallic noise. This is a ``human-friendly chip saw'' that has never existed before. In addition, it uses a stone called ``Chip Guard'' that prevents it from chipping. Achieved approximately 3 times longer cutting time compared to our company's products.


Shizukaru 233mm/255mm


233mm: Outer diameter 230mm, number of teeth 36P, 2mm thickness
255mm: Outer diameter 255mm, number of teeth 40P, 2mm thickness


233mm 350g・255mm 420g


Base metal: Special knife steel, pearl white, fluorine coating Tip: Tungsten carbide


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