Komawari-kun 158mm

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The world's smallest grass cutting tip saw.

For mowing gaps. Komawari-kun

The world's smallest chip saw that fits in the palm of your hand. For cutting between narrow ridges and furrows. It is a gem that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as harvesting beans and landscaping. By attaching the special washer 20ø, it can be attached to rechargeable or electric machines.It is small and lightweight, so you can work without worrying about power.
Application: For general mowing. Very convenient for working in narrow spaces.

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It's very convenient to have one. It is very effective for weeding in small gaps. You can work smoothly in areas that cannot be accessed with a regular tipped saw, such as between garden ornaments or around the edges of important plants, where the standard size (230.255mm) cannot fit.


Komawari-kun 158mm


Outer diameter 158mm, number of blades 36P, 2mm thickness




Base metal: Special knife steel Tip: Tungsten carbide carbide


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