amenoma Higonokami case extra large (body set)

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A special case for the Higonokami knife.

Installed coolly. amenoma Higonokami case extra large

This ruggedness. Expert finish. This is a case exclusively for Higonokami.
I made it because I wanted the Higonokami knife to be equipped with a more rugged and cool look. The durable material protects the knife and can be attached to MOLLE such as sacks. Easy to store, just insert the folded knife and cover with the Velcro cover. A carabiner is included to expand the mounting range. The color is "olive green". It has a military feel and allows you to enjoy the world view. It will be extra large. Large and medium items fit too tightly and are difficult to take out.
Higonokami knife case (extra large) is a ``made in Japan'' product that is carefully sewn one by one.
*The carabiner is a service item. Colors and contents may vary. We also sell case only and case and extra large Aogami Waribori sets. Selling the set is about 10% cheaper than buying each item individually.

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amenoma original product. This is a special case for the Higonokami knife that will make any rustic camper's dream come true. You can carry Higonokami raised in any field such as camping or mountain climbing. You want to store your important tools in a cool way. ``Turning your fantasies into reality'' This product is truly a dream come true for those who love the outdoors.


Higonokami case extra large


Total length 125mm, width 40mm


Case approx. 16g , blue paper set 90g


PP (polypropylene)/plated black button