Onoyoshi Hamono

Onogi cutlery: pruning shears, bud cutting shears, one-handed pruning shears

Onoyoshi Hamono

What is Onoyoshi Hamono?

Onoyoshi Hamono's origins date back to 1932 when the first generation founded the company as a knife blacksmith, and the second generation took over the blacksmithing job and began making pruning shears in 1964. Now, the young third generation continues to preserve tradition while pursuing new designs and ease of use.
At first glance, the scissors may look the same, but just as each scissor has a different face, each scissor is forged and handmade, so each one is slightly different.
It also proves that over 100 processes are all done by hand. Currently, it is used all over the world by a wide range of users, from gardening professionals to rose lovers.

Company Profile

  • Onoyoshi Hamono
  • 〒675-1334
  • 512 Oshimacho, Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-62-2419