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Sanjuzu Cutlery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Misuzu Cutlery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The original stainless steel knife.

Sanjuzu Knife is a knife manufacturer that inherits traditional manufacturing methods from the blacksmith town of Miki. We have a wide range of products to meet the needs of all kinds of customers, from professionals to ordinary households, including top-quality products with extremely high hardness for craftsmen and versatile knives for home use that can be easily used. We are particular about "sharpness" and "ease of use," and each piece is carefully handcrafted.
Sanjuzu Hamono's Warikomi knife is a versatile knife invented by the company's founder, Shinji Suzuki, in 1946 (Showa 21). Founder Shinji Suzuki used the innovative idea at the time of ``using stainless steel, which has the characteristic of not rusting, as a material for knives,'' and created a ``knife that cuts well and does not rust'' by sandwiching the cutter steel with stainless steel on both sides. was manufactured in Japan for the first time.

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