SHOZO brand weeding hoe (one handed)

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Special tool for weeding.

Uprooting and weeding. Weeding hoe (one handed).

All you need is one tool for weeding and soiling your garden.
Even stubborn weeds can be removed by their roots. You can perform a wide range of garden work, from weeding to taming the soil. The square blade can be used to remove edge weeds and create furrows for seeding, allowing you to make full use of the entire area. The blade is made of carbon steel and has a durable finish. It won't bend or bend. The handle is a one-handed type, so it is easy to use when working on your back. The earthy ``olive'' color makes it stylish and cool, making weeding fun.

Uses: For weeding, mowing, and soil conditioning work in the garden.

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A product unique to the weed control manufacturer "Doukan." It is useful as a garden care tool for those who want to weed every corner. The weeding hoe (for one-handed use) has a mid-height blade angle that makes it easy for weeds to get caught, allowing you to comfortably uproot weeds. It's nice to be able to completely remove weeds by hooking the roots to the saw blade.


SHOZO brand weeding hoe (one handed)


Total length 350mm, blade length 80mm, blade thickness 1.5mm, handle length 260mm


Approximately 185g


Blade: Knife carbon steel (SKS5), whole body quenched Handle: Olive-colored wooden handle


Doukan Co., Ltd.