KUROCO bud cutting scissors single edge

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The new world of Kamasamune. Its name is KUROCO.

From bud picking to branches. KUROCO Mekiri single edge.

This is the ``KUROCO'' series, a new brand proposed by Yoshioka Knife Manufacturing.
These scissors were made with the basic color black, which is the image of a blacksmith, with the hope that everyone can enjoy gardening. It is lightweight, has a gentle spring force, and opens to fit in the palm of a woman's relatively small hands.
The bud cutting blade is Yoshioka's unique blade shape that can cut both buds and branches. The blade edge is thin so it can get into small areas, and it has a receiving edge finish that allows you to easily cut branches in emergencies
. (Up to about 10mm) A product that is generously packed with scissor technology cultivated over many years. Please come and visit the sacred area of ​​KUROCO.

Uses: Can be used for a variety of gardening tasks such as picking and harvesting buds from fruit trees and gardening, cutting twigs from bonsai trees, etc.

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The KUROCO Megiri series is designed to be easy to use for women with small hands and weak grip strength. It fits in your hand even when opened, making it easy to work with. The combination of the blades is excellent and allows you to cut even soft flowers cleanly and comfortably. Be careful not to cut too much because it's too much fun.

Note: For raw wood, the blade has a small blade finish on the back to prevent chipping, making it difficult to cut rope cords (strings tied to posts, etc.).


KUROCO Bud cutting blade


Total length 200mm, width 44mm, blade length 53mm, blade thickness 3mm


Approximately 145g


Blade: Special knife steel (metal lock), screw type/7mm (with locking nut), boxed


Yoshioka Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.