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amenoma Ginsanashiji Petty 150

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The satin material is bitter. Ginshi No. 3 steel double-edged knife

Ginsanashiji Petty 150

Popular around the world. This is a double-edged (Western) knife made from Yasugi Ginshi No. 3 steel.
Made of ``Ginshi No. 3 steel'' that is rust-resistant, sharp, and long-lasting, it has a satin finish with a cool striking pattern. The handle is completely penetrating with a base, making it durable, high quality, and has a sharp design. The balance of the knife is also great when you hold it. Cuts easily without any force.
The Petty knife is ideal for crafts such as peeling vegetables and fruits. It is also convenient as a portable device for outdoor activities. Since it is a double-edged type, it can be used regardless of left or right handedness.

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This knife features a thin blade with a blade thickness of 2mm and a sharp cutting edge. Since the blade and handle are integrated, it is also durable. You can use it for a long time with peace of mind. Currently, knives made from Ginshi No. 3 steel are popular overseas. I don't know why, but more and more people are becoming obsessed with this material. After use, wash thoroughly, wipe off water and dry. Please note that using it in the dishwasher may cause the handle to crack.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Ginsanashiji Petty 150mm


Total length 260mm, blade length 150mm, blade thickness 2mm
Blade width 28mm, handle length 105mm


Approximately 100g


Blade: Yasugi Ginshi No. 3 steel (double-edged), satin finish
Handle: Reinforced wooden handle with all-through base, paper box