Higonokami Knife Aogami Single Blade Large

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Popularity! Aogami series.

Right-handed single-edged (large)

“#higonokami” is a common term all over the world! This is the Aogami series of Higonokami knives. Yasugi Aogami warikumi steel, which has excellent sharpness and durability, is painstakingly made through dozens of steps. Single-edged type for right-handed use . Sharper than double-edged blades, perfect for woodworking and bamboo work.
How to use it is a simple mechanism where the blade comes out when you press the chikiri (the protruding part at the base of the blade). It will not lock even if opened, so please hold it firmly while working. The front of the brass scabbard is engraved with ``Higonokami Sadakoma'', giving you a sense of the weight of tradition and the artist's thoughts.

Uses: It is very useful to have one for woodworking, bamboo work, do-it-yourself carpentry, pencil sharpeners, and paper knives.

Check amenoma !

A folding knife specialized for woodworking. Ideal for woodworking and bamboo crafts.
Many parents buy these to teach their children how to use knives. Have children become familiar with knives and learn how scary they can be from a young age. It is used for education from such a father. It really cuts, so if you play around with it, you'll get hurt, so kids should be serious about it too.


Higonokami Knife Yasugi Aogami Single Blade Large


Total length 170mm, blade length 75mm, blade thickness 2.8mm, handle length 100mm


Approximately 45g


Blade: Yasugi Aogami No. 2 steel (single-edged, right-handed) Sheath: Brass scabbard, paper box included


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