Box hook (long ring) 450mm

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Port hook.

Tough construction. Box hook (long ring) 450mm.

A hand hook for harbor use with a long ring and a reinforced claw.
A hand hook is a tool that has a wooden handle (mainly oak) with a metal hook at the end to hook cargo or large fish. The claws have a forged finish and are strong and sharp, and the grip is made of natural yew oak that is thicker than usual to make it suitable for harsh environments, and is further strengthened with a long ring. The oval-shaped grip end fits in the palm of your hand and prevents it from coming off, making it less tiring to work for long periods of time.
Box hooks are used for harbor use. Ideal for transporting heavy items such as grass. The size (〇〇〇mm) is the length of the handle and the length of the blade is the same. Please choose the length according to the site. *Available for sale as a single piece or as a set of 10 pieces.

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The box hook (long ring) is one of the Kaneguchi Seisakusho products that was created with consideration for use in harsh workplaces. The handle is also thicker and more durable. That makes it heavier. Can be used to move wood such as logs for firewood. The shape is the result of many years of trial and error between the creator and the user.

Although the handle is made of durable natural wood, it may break depending on usage and age. please note that.


Hand hook Box hook (long ring) 450mm


Total length 480mm, handle length 450mm, blade length 75mm, blade thickness 8mm


Approximately 335g


Nail: S55C・Pattern: Yew oak


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