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Wagyu sword 210mm Aogami No. 2 Walnut octagonal pattern

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A blacksmith knife made through tradition.

Black hit. Wagyu sword 210 walnut octagonal handle

Everything is handmade. The original knife made by a blacksmith.
Yasugi Aogami No. 2 steel is forged by hand, and each knife is hand-sharpened to create a sharp, long-lasting knife. The handle uses a walnut octagonal handle, so it is durable and water resistant, and goes well with the black-finished blade. It is also lighter and easier to handle than regular plywood handles.
Gyuto is mainly suitable for cutting meat. The tapered type makes it easy to do detailed work. Like a Santoku knife, it can be used for all purposes (meat, vegetables, fish). Since it is a double-edged type, it can be used regardless of left or right handedness. There is one size smaller, 180mm. *The material is prone to rust, so please wipe it dry after use and store it.

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Maeda Blacksmith Factory (Honkyuichi Hamono) is a blacksmith in Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Since 1895, the company has been manufacturing everyday necessities such as knives, sickles, and hoes by utilizing the skills of swordsmiths, and currently the fourth and fifth generations are working hard to make knives. Japanese-style gyuto (double-edged knives) are popular overseas. In addition, many Japanese chefs purchase this product to unify the image of Deba and Yanagiba Japanese knives. The traditional sharpness of swordsmiths. This is a knife that will change the concept of a kitchen knife.

As with all knives, there is a risk of chipping if the blade is "kneaded". please note.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Wagyu sword 210mm Aogami No. 2 Walnut octagonal pattern


Total length 350mm, blade length 210mm, blade width 49mm, blade thickness 4mm
Handle length 130mm


Approximately 160g


Blade: Yasugi Aogami No. 2 steel, black finish (double-edged)
Pattern: Walnut octagonal pattern, boxed


Maeda Blacksmith Factory (Honkyuichi Knives)