Yamakichi drag saw (with aperture)

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A flexible DIY saw.

Comes with a hole punch. Drag saw 120mm.

Straight lines and curves can be cut freely.
You can cut materials, mainly wood, into various shapes. The saw blade is 1.2mm thick, durable and sturdy. With a sharp cutting edge, it acts like a drill and can be used to drill holes such as power supply boxes and air conditioning holes in board materials. It is also convenient for working in narrow spaces during interior, electrical, and plumbing work. The grip uses elastomer resin. Easy to grip and fits your hand. It is very good for long-term work in complicated places without getting tired.
A drag saw is a type that cuts by pulling. For general woodworking, control panels, laminated wood, and plasterboard. It is a versatile type. It is also convenient for separating household garbage.

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Yamakichi's pull/push saw is a lightweight, compact saw that can be used for a variety of tasks. Hikimawari is the usual pull-and-cut type, and oshi-mawashi is the push-and-cut type. Each can be selected depending on the work site. I think a drag saw is easy to use for general households. The awl at the cutting edge makes a hole in the plate material for the blade to be inserted into, allowing you to process it freely like a scroll saw. *It is not a replaceable blade type. If it stops cutting, replace it with a new one.


Drag saw 120mm


Total length 235mm, blade length 120mm, blade thickness 1.2mm, blade base width 13mm


Approximately 51g


Blade: SK-5 hardened steel, hard chrome plating, impact hardened blade edge Grip: ABS + elastomer resin


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