Hook knife (with steel)

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A knife that can dig into Kuksa Spoon.

The dream of digging work. Hook knife (with steel)

You can dig into the dents in the kuksa and the scooping part of the spoon.
A hook knife made of "double-layer blue steel". It cuts out dents that cannot be done with a regular knife. If you are right-handed, use your fingers to press the ridge of the blade (the opposite side of the blade) toward the front, or if you are left-handed, to the back. The steel type uses extremely soft iron as the base metal. It has a sharp edge and is easy to sharpen. The handle is made of high-quality natural wood "Zelkova". The rounded handle makes it easy to handle. Comes with a cover to protect the blade, so you can store it safely.
The hook knife is ideal for scraping the concave parts of spoons, cups, bowls, etc. This alone is not enough to complete a spoon, etc. Requires carving knife or knife (sold separately). It's simple, but I'll explain how to make a spoon with pictures.

Check amenoma !

Wood crafts are popular these days. More and more people are enjoying outdoor activities. Eating delicious food with cutlery that I made myself. He says it feels great. It seems like once you make it, you'll get hooked on it, and you'll want to make it for the people around you too. I think it's good because you can use wood that you find on site or your favorite natural wood to make it to your liking.
Chopsticks, spoons, and finally kukusa (handmade mugs). The excitement only grows. *The wood grain has a normal grain and a reverse grain, so it can be carved neatly by carving along the grain to avoid snagging.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Hook knife (with steel)


Total length 160mm, blade length 60mm, blade radius 15R, handle length 100mm


Approx. 40g (45g with cover)


Blade: Blue steel 2-layer steel (single edge) Handle: Zelkova, with blade cover


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