High-speed carving knife Seal (left)

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Highest quality. Professional carving knife.

3 times sharper than regular knife steel. High-speed carving knife Seal (left)

This chisel is made from the highest quality steel, ``High Speed ​​Steel''.
A unique quenching method has been used to create a steel material that lasts three times as long as regular knife steel, giving it both high hardness and tenacity. The blade does not easily chip and retains its sharpness on hard wood and very hard soot bamboo. The steel type uses extremely soft iron as the base metal. Easy to sharpen and hard to temper even with machine sharpening. The handle is made of high-quality natural wood ``cherry blossom'' and has a well-balanced weight that makes it easy to carve.

Into (left) is one of the basic forms of chisel. It is also called a small sword (kogatana) or a kiwa sword. The main difference from a flat sword is that it has a sharp tip that allows you to make cuts. There are left and right orientations, but the key to improving is to use the left and right depending on the location you are carving, not just your dominant hand. *We also sell the right one. It can be used not only to carve Buddhist statues and Noh masks, but also to carve cutlery such as spoons and forks.

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High speed carving "Into (left)" series. Available in a wide range of sizes from 1.5mm to 18mm. Sizes are divided by blade width. Anyway, lots of sizes. It seems that the number will increase due to customer requests. Craftsmanship is determined by the tools. Please choose the width of the area to be dug.
*Please handle with care as small sizes are thin and easily breakable.

*Chisel can be resharpened and repaired. (Please contact us)


High speed chisel, stamp (left) 1.5mm to 18mm (size is blade width)


Total length 210mm, blade width 1.0-18mm, blade length 30mm, handle length 180mm


Approximately 25-35 g


Blade: High-speed steel (SKH-51) with steel, handle: cherry blossom pattern, with protective cap


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