Stainless steel hook (no grip) 330mm

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A hand hook for ikememe.

Finish with one shot. Stainless steel hook 330mm .

Rust-resistant nails. A hand hook for tightening live fish.
A tool to quickly kill live fish on the spot at fishing ports, fish markets, fishing ponds, boat fishing, etc. It is tightened by inserting a sharp square blade into the fish's muscles and destroying the posterior end of the medulla oblongata (diagonally above the eyes), which is the motor center. After that, lift the gills and cut the membrane connected to the torso to drain the blood. The claws are made of forged stainless steel with a fired finish and are strong and strong against rust, and stick sharply, and the weight of the grip head makes it easy to insert.
The size (〇〇〇mm) changes depending on the length of the handle, but the blade length is the same. Please choose the size according to the site. *Available for sale as a single piece or as a set of 10 pieces.

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Recommended for people who don't want their nails to rust as they will be working in areas exposed to salt water. If you clean the fish while it's still alive on the spot you caught it, you'll notice a difference in the freshness of the fish. The size and weight make it unsuitable for carrying. Once you get used to it, you can hit the vital points with one blow, so it will become professional grade after several strokes.


Hand hook Stainless steel hook (no grip) 330mm


Total length 330mm, handle length 330mm, blade length 70mm, blade thickness 6mm


Approximately 350g


Claws: Honyaki stainless steel/Handle: Yew oak