Red Stone`s #01

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A new world of ax knives.
“Red Stone`s” series

Sharper and longer. Red Stone`s #01.

A new stage for handmade knives, ``Red Stone`s''.
It is a brand that fuses three generations of technology, ideas, and requests into reality. The first one, #01, is Agave Uetomo's ``I want to pick leaves (buds) in secluded areas. I want to work without getting stuck in the thorns. It was developed based on the desire to cut without stress. The blade is long and the cutting edge is carved into a chevron shape (Shinogi-shape), allowing you to work precisely in areas where there are lots of leaves, just like your own fingers. The mirror body is coated with plating to resist rust, and the grip is wrapped in leather (brown color) to make it easy to grip, non-slip, and gives it a cool finish. As the leather deteriorates over time, it develops its own color and you become even more attached to it. Equipped with a new mechanism called "leather snap" for easy opening and closing. This is a one-of-a-kind product that comes with a rod number.
The ono scissors are fully forged and have a fired finish, making them strong and durable, and the blades are hand-tipped for a higher level of sharpness. *Includes one replacement pine needle spring. A set of springs and screws are sold separately as parts. This is an amenoma limited edition product.

Applications: From small pot classes such as agave and rostrata to ground planting classes. Can be used for picking buds, harvesting, and cutting bonsai twigs. Comes with a spare spring so if it breaks, you can replace it and get back to work immediately.

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The concept of "Red Stone's".
It was created with the meaning of adding spirit = 's to give form to the ideas, opinions, and requests of various users to red = red = the passion and fire of a blacksmith, and stone = stone = the will to create things. We will give form to new challenges using the technology we have cultivated over many years. We have created a maintenance system that allows you to use your cutlery with peace of mind for a long time, with a limited number of rod numbers for each product. We will provide detailed after-sales follow-up.
#01 is a product that touches the hearts of those who use it. You can care for your favorite plants with your favorite gear. It provides the best moments. This product is only for cutting buds, so please do not use it for pruning branches, etc.


Red Stone`s #01


Total length 230mm , width 51mm , blade length 85mm, blade base width 18mm


Approximately 240g


All steel (mirror finish with special plating) , 6mm screw leather grip cover, with leather snap (brown)
Comes with spare spring and box


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