Higonokami Knife Bean Series

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Cute Higonokami.

Minimum bean size. Higonokami beans

“#higonokami” is a common term all over the world! This is the smallest type of Higonokami knife. Although it is small, it is an excellent product that can be used in earnest. It is useful to keep it in your bag, desk, or car as a knife in case of an emergency. The double-edged type allows you to use it regardless of your handedness and can be folded, making it a versatile portable knife.
How to use it is a simple mechanism where the blade comes out when you press the chikiri (the protruding part at the base of the blade). It will not lock even if opened, so please hold it firmly while working. The front of the brass scabbard is engraved with ``Higonokami Sadakoma'', giving you a sense of the weight of tradition and the artist's thoughts.

Use: As a knife for emergencies. Comes with beans and bells .

Check amenoma !

The first thing people say when they see it for the first time is ``Eh! Many people say, ``Even though it's this small, it's still a knife.'' It's a knife that cuts really well. The technology to make this. It's amazing. Many people like to keep it in their pencil case or wallet and use it in an emergency. They are also popular as souvenirs for people traveling overseas, and there are many patterns that people love and then purchase the regular size.


Higonokami Knife Bean (with bell)


Total length 92mm, blade length 40mm, blade thickness 2.3mm, handle length 55mm


Approximately 15g/approximately 16g with bell


Blade: Warikumi SK steel (double-edged) Sheath: Brass scabbard, bag included (with bell)


Nagao Kanekoma Manufacturing Co., Ltd.