Sanjuzu knife sandwich knife 240

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Misuzu knife for cutting bread.

Knife x saw. sandwich knife 240

A locally produced technique called ``saw sharpening'' has been used to create a sharp bread cutting blade. The serrations at the base of the blade make it easy to cut through thick sandwiches without crumbling, and the blade at the edge of the blade can cut soft materials. Although it has a long blade of 240 mm, it is thin and lightweight, and the weight balance with the handle is good, making it less tiring to hold.
The blade is made of 2mm thick "V gold No. 10 steel" that is resistant to rust, is easy to maintain, and is thin and sharp. The handle is a jet-black version of the brass clasp, which is no longer seen today, and the wood is coated with lacquer, a traditional Japanese technique, to create a handle that has antibacterial and waterproof properties. It has excellent corrosion resistance, and the finish is gentle on the palms by reducing the handle corner.
The Sandwich Knife 240 can cut bread, fruits, vegetables, and semi-frozen items cleanly and straight with the saw blade at the base of the blade. Naturally, it is ideal for cutting meat, fish, and vegetables. The tapered type makes it easy to do detailed work. Since it is a double-edged type, it can be used regardless of left or right handedness.

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The thicker the sandwich, which has a mixture of hard and soft materials, the more difficult it is to cut, and even professionals often end up falling apart. I want to cut easily without breaking. This knife was created based on such requests. Achieves stable cuts with a single stroke with a tapered 240mm blade length. You can easily handle not only bread but also meat, fish, and vegetables. The Sanju-type double-edged knife is extremely lightweight. A knife that can be used for daily cooking without getting tired. The lacquer pattern is also antibacterial. Enjoy and safely use it every day. Especially recommended for those who like Japanese-style cooking utensils.

As with all knives, there is a risk of chipping if the blade is "kneaded". please note.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Sanjuzu Knife Brass Lacquer Sandwich Knife 240


Total length 365mm, blade length 240mm (12 saws)
Handle length 130mm, blade width 35mm, blade thickness 2mm


Approximately 108g


V-gold No. 10 steel shinogi blade (double-edged) saw blade, brass lacquer handle, boxed


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