Hatchet ax whetstone #1000 in leather case

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A whetstone for axes and hatchets.

It's portable. Hatchet ax whetstone #1000

Maintenance can be done on-site at any time. Size that fits in your hand. This is an outdoor portable whetstone. You can immediately sharpen hatchets and axes used in the forest or camping on site. Since it is #1000 (for medium finishing), it is effective when you use it when you feel that the cut is a little dull. After use, it can be stored compactly in a dedicated genuine leather case, and comes with a hook for convenient carrying.
To use, wet the whetstone with water. Hold the knife steady and press the whetstone perpendicularly against the blade to sharpen it . It is also convenient for re-sharpening the sickle.

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Doesn't it look sharp outdoors? The good thing about this product is that you can use it right away when you want. Just a little maintenance can make all the difference in the effectiveness of knives, so it's convenient to have them with you. However, this product must be soaked in water before use. Fill a container at the site (such as a Mestin if you are camping) with water and let it sink before use.


Hatchet ax whetstone #1000 in leather case


Whetstone: Total length 105mm, width 55mm, thickness 26mm
In case: total length 150mm, width 65mm, thickness 40mm


Approximately 275 g (330 g in case)


Medium finishing whetstone #1000/storage leather case (with hook)


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