cutlery maintenance set

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Make your favorite gear shiny.

Mirror finish yourself. cutlery maintenance set

For maintenance of cutlery and polishing of brass, copper, silver, gold, stainless steel, titanium, and metal materials. This is a maintenance set that will help you grow your important tools. To sharpen knives , apply 3 types of polishing powder to the included 4-sided mini strop and slide the blade edge over the polishing powder to restore sharpness. It can be used to polish any metal to a mirror finish. After use, it is compactly stored in a special case for convenient storage and transportation.
To use, apply "3 types of polishing powder (coarse, fine, extra fine) and blue stick" to the included 4-sided mini strop. By using the coarse-grained, fine-grained, extra-fine-grained, blue bar in this order, it is effective for both sharpening and mirror finishing.

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You can make all kinds of metal shiny, such as Mestin and alcohol burners. It will take quite some time to achieve a mirror finish, so please be patient. When you want to polish large surfaces or uneven areas, apply polishing powder to a cloth that you no longer need.


cutlery maintenance set


When unfolded: width 370mm, height 320mm
When stored: width 110mm, height 200mm


Approximately 350 g (stored)


Polishing powder (coarse #1500, fine #8000, super fine #12000)
4-sided mini leather strop, blue rod, and storage case included


Naniwa Polishing Industry Co., Ltd.