Quite an eraser

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Easy maintenance of important tools on site.

For removing rust and dirt. So-so eraser #400

Easy cleaning of rust and dirt on important tools. This is an eraser type cleaner.
As you use your favorite tools, they often get rusty and dirty. If you want to clean the area but don't want to use a whetstone to clean it, you can just "swipe" the area you want to clean as if you were using an eraser. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, so it's convenient to carry. We can respond immediately in any situation. Easy to use. Rub it like an eraser.
Can be used for metal parts of outdoor equipment, gardening and cooking tools. For removing rust and limescale from knives and kitchen knives after using them while camping, and removing stubborn soot and dirt after washing frying pans, pots, and rice bowls. Please use it to remove dirt and limescale from sinks, gas stoves, water faucets, etc. at home.
Note: This is an abrasive, so please do not use it on items you do not want to get even the slightest scratches. If there is stubborn dirt or rust, please use a whetstone.

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Erasers are very useful if you want to clean up your tools a little bit on-site. If you want to make your important tools beautiful before the next use, it will be very useful to have one. The polishing power of the #400 eraser type is fine, so even the slightest scratches are less noticeable and it looks shiny. It feels like an eraser, so even women and children can use it with confidence. Just one thing to note. Please note that if you use it for a tool that you want to enjoy deteriorating over time, it will become beautiful.


So-so eraser #400


Total length 50mm, width 40mm, height 20mm


Approximately 80g


#400 (for removing rust and dirt) blister pack


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