Ossan's Swamp Meet VOL.2 will be held on Saturday, November 25th.

October 30, 2023

Ossan's Swamp Meet VOL.2 will be held on Saturday, November 25th.

On Saturday, November 25th, `` Ossan's Swamp Meet VOL.2 '' hosted by Mr. SYU will be held at `` Dinosaur Base Campsite '' in Aogaki-cho, Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture, just like last year. Divided into daytime and nighttime parts, the daytime part features Mr, SYU live cooking, SYU original products, amenoma team's camping tools, local vegetables, rice, and eggs for sale. There is a knife sharpening market where blacksmiths sharpen knives and hatchets. Additionally, at the end of the afternoon session, there will be a ``Bingo Game Tournament'' where you can win blacksmith products and camping tools. In the evening part (bonfire party), the long-awaited SYU's ``Ossan's Live'' will be attended by all attendees and discussed. free entrance. We look forward to your participation in the excitement of the event.

Date and time: November 25th (Saturday) Daytime 10:00-16:00 Nighttime 18:30-20:00

Location: Dinosaur Base 1095-1 Daimokusa, Aogaki-cho, Tanba-shi, Hyogo Access
Parking lot: 100 spaces *Divided into four directions, please follow the directions of the staff.
Free admission (Parking: 1,000 yen per car, 500 yen per motorcycle)
*We ask that you pay for the parking lot maintenance and security costs.

Event details Afternoon session (10:00-16:00)
Mr.SYU Live Cooking
SYU original products on sale
amenoma, blacksmith products on sale Freshly harvested vegetables, rice, eggs on sale Knife sharpening market (charges apply)
SwampMeet Annual Bingo Game Tournament

Night session (bonfire party) (18:30-20:00)
Ossan's Live (Road to Camp Numa)

Once the evening session is over, the event will end. Please promptly disperse within 30 minutes. If you wish to participate, please bring your own chairs, warm clothes, rain gear, and an easy-to-make meal kit (for those who will be attending the bonfire party, you can also prepare one for the evening). *We are planning to open a snack stall. If you are planning to participate in the bonfire party, please prepare a bonfire set and headlights. Also, venue space is limited. Please prepare with a compact tool.