Happy New Year 2023!

January 05, 2023

amenoma Tenmeichi Shrine

Happy new year.
"Amenoma Online Shopping" has started today (January 5th). We will be responding to orders and inquiries sequentially starting from today during the 8-day closure from December 28th (Wednesday) to January 4th (Wednesday). This year, I want to break new ground by mixing various genres. I wonder what will happen... Look forward to it! !

*As an activity to start the new year, I visited Tenmokuchi Shrine, which is dedicated to the god of blacksmiths, which is the motif of amenoma. I felt like I had returned to my roots both physically and mentally, and I was determined to do my best this year. Although it is an uninhabited and quiet shrine, it has a sense of spirituality that will cleanse your soul. If you are interested, please visit once.

Location: 648 Okicho, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Nishiwaki Tourism Association Tenmeichi Shrine introduction page