Ginsanriji series went on sale on July 16th.

July 16, 2021

Yasugi Ginshi No. 3 steel pashiji knife.

Popular around the world. This is a double-edged (Western) knife made from Yasugi Ginshi No. 3 steel.
Made of ``Ginshi No. 3 steel'' that is rust-resistant, sharp, and long-lasting, it has a satin finish with a cool striking pattern. It features a thin blade with a blade thickness of 2 mm and a sharp cutting edge. The handle is fully penetrating with a base and has a durable and high-class design. The balance of the knife is also great when you hold it. Cuts easily without any force. From the Santoku series to the Gyuto, Sujihiki, Petty, and the recently popular Kiritsuke knives. Please choose according to your needs.

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