The pruning type bud cutting scissors series is now on sale.

July 06, 2021

This single shears functions as a bud cutter and pruning shears.
This product has a cutting blade and receiving blade shaped like pruning shears, and is as sharp as a bud-cutting shears. The blade has a gentle shape, so it cuts smoothly.
The whole body is forged and has a firing finish, making it strong and durable, and each blade is hand-tipped for sharpness. It does not crush the cut stems of cut flowers and is beautiful, absorbs water well and lasts a long time. We can perform maintenance repairs such as re-sharpening and distortion removal work. There is also a special product called rose scissors, which you can choose according to the purpose. The scope of use ranges from bud picking to pruning (cutting approximately 6 to 8 mm). These are versatile scissors that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Introducing “ Pruning type bud shears ” here